My journey

Dear friends all over the world.


As most of you have seen from my posts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – i published in March 2017 my biography in the Norwegian language » Det Sterke kjønn – min kamp for å bli kvinne»  translated to: – The Strong sex – my journey to become a woman».

I was born a man in 1963 in a small city in the northern part of Norway called Tromsø and lived as such until 1982, when I for the first time shared my feelings, my true gender identity with someone else. I have always felt that I was a woman on the inside, and I wanted to live my life a s woman in society both from the physical, psycological and social side of things. I wanted to have sex as  a woman and wanted to change my sex.

I started my journey in June 1985 when I finally moved to our capital Oslo and moved into my new flat in Oslo. I went trough 2 years of consultations, hormone treatment and then i November 1987 had my gender reasigment surgery.

Since November 1987, I have lived my life as a woman. I feel I have lived a life, I feel I have had all the opportunities here in society as any other woman and feel blessed and privilidged to have traveld the world and experienced so much from love, work, family, education, civic work and sports.

I thank each and everyone of you whom I have met these past 30 years being at a conference somewhere in Junior Chamber International, when I lived in USA or in France and met so many wonderful people, on my many holidays to countries far away. A special thank you to all of you who touched my heart deeply during my time as a JCI Head trainer and JCI officer where we worked hard to fullfill the mission of JCI together.

I have lived a life filled with ups and downs. I have found love and I have lost love. I have strong ties to my family and treasure all the moments I am together with them.

My biography about my journey is written in the Norwegian anguage only. There is no immediate plan to have it tranleted to English. However, if there is an opportunity to publish it in English I will make proper announcements here on social media to promote such edition.